1. Do I have to be an artist to participate in this workshop? No, you don’t! You will receive full video instructions for the art meditations, and they will be techniques that are easy to follow along with. You will get messy, but at the end of each meditation you will hold in your hands a piece of work that holds meaning for you and that will help you feel affirmed along your path.
  2. I haven’t been through trauma. Is this workshop still an option for me? Yes, absolutely! There are many different types of trauma that humans experience, and there is no entrance exam to qualify whether something is traumatic or not. Trauma is a human response to a difficult event. Each individual can decide for themselves if events in their lives are traumatic for them, or not. This workshop is designed for people who want to express themselves creatively, process some common trauma responses, and feel affirmed along their path of healing. You are welcomed here.
  3. What are the tools or supplies I will need? I encourage you to use what you have most importantly! That being said, here is a basic list. Use the products, tools, and items you love most:
    • A mini album, traveler’s notebook, or other kind of notebook to pull together all your monthly pages
    • Mixed media paper
    • Basic watercolor set
    • Gesso
    • Paint brushes (cheapest ones you can find!)
    • Stencils (I will try to use readily available ones so you can purchase the same ones I use, but you are
    • always welcome to use substitutions)
    • A camera that you feel comfortable using (see the next FAQ)
    • Pens and pencils (again, buy cheap ones!)
    • Washi tapes
    • Any sort of papers or other ephemera as you feel inspired
  4. What if I am not a good photographer? What kind of camera will I need? This workshop is not about good or bad photography, but really about what you see. We will do directed photography exercises where Theresa will invite you to photograph what you see through the lens, with no expectations or requirements, and then you will be invited to journal about what you are seeing. You can use any sort of camera you like, Theresa will probably use her iPhone camera most of the time. We also recommend a good photo editing app, such as A Color Story, so you can process your photos a bit before printing.
  5. How much time do I have to complete the prompts? Take as much time as you need. You have access to the workshop or packages as long as you like. You are encouraged to go through each month’s suite as soon as you receive it, so you can begin thinking about the exercises and see how Theresa has interpreted the exercises. This should get you inspired to create, with lots of resourceful ideas you will want to experiment with.
  6. Do I have to complete all of the exercises or prompts in the suite? No, you are welcome to select the exercises that inspire you and you are welcome to hold off completing any. This workshop is designed to inspire and affirm you! We think these exercises will help you feel compelled to participate each month in some way. You have a variety of choices each month to practice, meditate, journal, photograph, and scrapbook your journey.
  7. I’m not sure I can commit to a full year. Is there a benefit to only purchasing one three-month package? Yes, take advantage of a shorter term so you can try it out. Remember, you can complete each suite as you are able and you have access as long as you like.
Light The Path – FAQ

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Light The Path – FAQ

A new healing resource for survivors who are looking to express themselves creatively along their path to recovery. Art, photography, and scrapbooking are incredible tools that survivors can use any time in their journey of healing. These tools serve as meditation practice, grounding practice, and help survivors feel validated and affirmed while doing the hard work of recovery.

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